• Rachel Mason

Coconut oil - healthy or unhealthy?

So we've gone a few years now being told that we need to clear out our cupboards and only use coconut oil to cook in. However the latest research by The American Heart Association is telling us its actually really bad for us.

Confused? Yeah, us too! But don't worry, we've done some digging around and we will try to explain the situation. Before you panic and run to the cupboard to throw out all your coconut oil put it this way, we won't be!

So what's happened? Basically, The American Heart Association have recently released a report stating that coconut is actually bad for you and as high in saturated fats as butter and beef fat. Alarming, since those are saturated fats we know not to eat too regularly.

The report came out on the 15th June this year, so it's all pretty new information. There were seven controlled trials where coconut oil was compared with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated oils. According to the study it shows it raises LDL, known commonly as "bad" cholesterol, just as much as butter, beef fat or palm oil, which can cause heart disease.

If you have high cholesterol it is highly recommended that you are consuming no more than 6% saturated fat as part of your daily intake.

So what do we think? Like most things, we think everything in moderation. Unless you have been specifically told by your doctor, of course. Curries taste great cooked in coconut oil, so don't be afraid of it! Keep a mix of oils in your cupboard and switch it up regularly. Sometimes you might want to cook in a little olive oil or walnut oil, just alternate them!

Look at your diet as a whole, and not just one aspect of it, such as focussing on your usage of coconut oil. Make sure everything is well balanced.

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