• Rachel Mason

Ways to workout in the heat...

Whether your in Ibiza for the summer or there's heatwave in England, it can be hard to persuade yourself to get up and go for a workout when its will undoubtedly make you hotter than you are. As peak summer approaches in both the UK and Ibiza we ask our staff what workouts they do when its really, really hot.

"I work in The Skinny Kitchen in Ibiza on the West End and we open at 11am. I usually have morning shifts, so I get up about 8am and go for a run. Its usually pretty fresh at this time, you definitely need to get your workout out the way in the morning here, I could never run in the sun, or at the end of shift. The heat makes it all too tiring"

Louise, FOH, The Skinny Kitchen West End

"When England gets hot, it really puts me off working out because no where really has good air con. So I swap my cardio workouts for swimming, you stay cool while working out and when your done your not all sweaty and having to walk out into hot air!"

Geoff, The Skinny Kitchen Belfast

"I actually much prefer working out when it's summer! I love working out outside so when the summer kicks in in Canterbury I cancel my gym membership and just use the local parks, where they have outdoor gyms. I can't get up in the morning for it, but I after work around 8pm, when the sun is usually just going down. So not only is it free, but i enjoy it so much more!"

James, The Skinny Kitchen Canterbury

"I live near the sea and a group of us get together every week to do yoga, we aren't experts but we follow a video online and its lovely to do on the beach as the sun sets!"

Leanne, The Skinny Kitchen Bournemouth