• Rachel Mason

How to work out on holiday...

Summer is here and that means the holidays that have been motivating us in the gym are finally here! Its great to have motivation to get yourself to the gym, and that can be something different for everyone, but holidays are a big one. Perhaps you've got a 2 or 3 week holiday of a lifetime planned, a honeymoon or a trip to Ibiza with friends, what ever it is it can be hard to maintain you the body you've worked so hard for.

That's not to say you will lose muscle or strength within a week or so, or you will suddenly gain lots of weight, but why waste all those months of hard work when you're on holiday? There are loads of ways you can sneak a workout into your holiday, without it feeling like a chore.

Here are our top tips on how to work out on holiday...

1. Book a hotel with a gym

If there is a gym within a 3 minute walk of where you are staying, getting in a cheeky 45 minute workout isn't going to be too hard, even if you pencil it in for every other day. Get up a little earlier or head down before you get ready for a night out.

No gym in the hotel? No problem. Get creative and try to remember body weight workouts you've done before and incorporate various exercises in and build yourself a circuit. If you hotel room or apartment has a balcony, this is a great spot for it.

2. Eat well

This isn't always easy when you're away as many fitness addicts prefer to eat at home as you know exactly what you are getting. If you're in a self catering apartment aim to cook one meal a day there, and make it that extra clean, really healthy meal you make at home, like grilled chicken, rice and veg. If you are in a hotel then don't panic, but also don't splurge. Hotel breakfasts can be very tempting. Opt for eggs, mushrooms and bacon for breakfast along with some fruit rather than all the naughty sides, every day.

Do some research before you go to your destination, just incase there is a hidden gem , like The Skinny Kitchen is in Ibiza. And if you're going to Ibiza, of course you can eat clean here with us!

3. Explore on foot

Cities are so much more fun to explore on foot than by taxi or underground. You can rack up some serious steps by just grabbing a map and exploring your destination on foot. Don't fancy walking? Then grab a bike, it's just as much fun, of not more!

4. Train together

If you're on holiday with your partner, include them in your workout so you're still spending time together. Perhaps take it in turns to show each other what you usually do in the gym, and each be the instructor!

5. Get involved in activities

Water sports are a great way to keep fit while still enjoying your holiday. Check out what the options are and see which one will keep you the most active!

6. Think about equipment

Think about things you can take which are light and give you a good work out. Some ideas include a skipping rope or resistance bands. For some gentle exercise with friends get a bat and ball from a local shop, as playing that for hours in the sun is a better calorie burner than just laying on a beach towel!