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Eating healthy on a budget...

A lot of people are put off healthy eating, thinking that it would be expensive. Done right, it doesn’t have to be, but if a healthy food shop isn't something you regularly do then it can seem like a minefield.

Here are our top tips for eating healthy on a budget:

1. Bean and legumes should become your BFF

Both beans and legumes are inexpensive food and when combined with a high protein whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa or teff it can often provide the full amount of animo acids you need, for a small amount of money.

Examples of beans and legumes are; black beans, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans and mung bean.

2. Shop in season fruit and veg

Get to know what's in season and when, as it will always be cheaper when it's in season, because its easier to get hold of. Take strawberries for example, you can pick up large punnets in the summer for under £2 but in winter the price for just a few can almost double.

3. Cook in bulk and prep your meals

You may be used to seeing meal prep for people on super strict diets, but it can work for people on budgets too. Take some time out to make meals in bulk and fill these meals with veg and beans. Some great examples are chilli, curry and soup because they are nutritious meals that are cheap to make. You can then take them to work for lunches or feed a family at dinner to ensure you are always getting healthy food on a buget.

4. Pick different meat

By opting for cheaper cuts of meat you can still work meat into a healthy diet on a budget. The secret is learning to cook it so it stays as tasty. Try swapping chicken breast for chicken thigh and cooking it in a slow cooker. A slow cooker is a great investment for cooking cheaper cuts of meat as it locks in the moisture and stops them drying out.

5. Organise your cupboards

Such simple way to make sure you always know exactly what is in your cupboards is to tidy them up and organise them, so you never miss something you could use up. Same goes for your fridge and freezer, make sure any left overs you want to have for another meal are labelled and dated.

6. Research food from across the world

Food from India or Mexico rely quite heavily on inexpensive ingredients. By looking into foods cross the world you can not only find some really interesting meals but end up spending a lot less. Pretty much every supermarket these days has a ‘world foods’ section where you can often find things such as coconut milk or chickpeas cheaper than other aisles in the supermarket

So that’s our top tips for eating healthy on a budget! Got any more? Drop us a comment below.

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