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Our favourite things about Ibiza...

If we didn't LOVE Ibiza we wouldn't have open our first Skinny Kitchen out there all those years ago. When summer comes around once again and the season kicks in we forget all about the cold winter we have just suffered back in the UK and our old Ibiza habits start up once again. Visits to Es vedra rock, nights spent in Pikes and frequent accidental visits to the west end past 3am. Yep, the Ibiza season is back!

So what are our favourite things about Ibiza...

1. The clubs!

Obviously this has to be said, I mean it's Ibiza. Some are obvious; Amnesia and Ushuaia for example but what about the days and nights out that take you totally by surprise. Ocean Beach Club in San is one of our favourite days out with loads going on and great for a day with a big group or even just a few of you. Pikes is a little hidden gem up in the mountains thats always worth checking out and Sundays spent on Bora Bora Beach are incredible.

2. Sleeping in past midday becomes totally acceptable

In the UK sleeping in past 9ish, whatever day of the week can feel pretty lazy but there's just something about the Spanish life that makes getting up past 12 totally fine, of course it might be something to do with the fact your only went to bed 6 hours ago, but still! We love waking up late and grabbing a lazy breakfast, so that suits us.

3. You can eat whenever you want

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner... It all kind of blurs into one when your in Ibiza. Having no timetable to stick to makes you feel totally free; dinner at 11pm with a group of mates? Perfect! A really late breakfast at 4pm? Yep thats fine too! The Skinny Kitchen's in Ibiza remain busy all day and night with a continuous flow of relaxed, happy people and we love that.

4. The weather

...and actually we aren't just talking about the sun. The sun will get the first mention, of course, because most days the skies are blue, the sun shines and even just strolling to a supermarket feels like a nice experience. But then there's also the days when it rains, which if you're out on holiday are of course dreaded, but if you are working out there all summer a rainy day can feel like a blessing.

5. Cocktails (and generally most drinks)

Hot days means cold drinks are very welcome and is there anything nicer than a frozen strawberry daiquiri or a fresh icy mojito while watching the sun set? If cocktails aren't your thing then maybe just a cold cider or beer while sat on the beach works for you!

What's your favourite thing about Ibiza?

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