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Beat the bloat after a holiday...

After all the hard work you put in to getting into shape before your holiday you probably didn't want to over indulge whilst away. But let's face it, you eat more, you drink more and you excerise less. This, as we all know, pretty much leads to a little bit of weight gain. Of course, when you get home your gym and fitness routine will continue. But you will probably be wondering what you can do to speed the process up, and there's lots! There are also certain foods you can eat to help you de-bloat (yay, you can still eat!)

More than likely you have over indulged in carbs (pizza in Italy? Noodles in East Asia? Too many beers in Budapest?) which means your body is retaining more water than usual. A few different types of food will have the bloat gone in no time. So let's take a look at what you can do to beat the bloat after a holiday...

Food you can eat to reduce bloating...

1. Melon

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon are high-liquid fruits, which can help flush out toxins and relieve water retention and bloat. Snack on this low calorie fruit throughout the day.

2. Bananas

To de-bloat you need to cut back on salt, but you can also up your intake of potassium, which should help flatten your stomach by flushing excess sodium out of your body. If you dont fancy bananas try yogurt and milk, which are also rich in potassium.

3. Water

Drinking lots of water is another great way to not only flush salt, but any toxins from your body. This may seem a little counterintuitive, as your are also being told you are retaining more water from your carb fest but trust us, it works!

4. Cayenne pepper

We bring this one up a lot, and for a good reason! Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which can reduce gas and bloating, it also helps to kill any bad bacteria you may have in your belly.

5. Ginger

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties, which work on bloated stomachs. Sip a cup of ginger tea before, during or after a meal and it will help your body stimulate saliva, bile, and gastric juices that aid in digestion, AKA help reduce bloating.

6. Cucumber

You know how cucumber is used to reduce swelling in your eyes? Well, it has a similar effect on a bloated stomach! It’s high in silica, caffeic acid (found in the skin) and vitamin C, all which can help to reduce swelling and prevention water retention.

Things you can do to reduce bloating...

1. Reduce carbs

The first thing to do, especially if you have over indulged on carbs, is just cut back a little for a week or so. There are so many low carb options these days, you will barely notice. By lowering your intake of carbs your body will start to use up the carbohydrates that are stored in the liver and muscles, and when you use that glycogen you also lose the water.

2. Cardio workouts

Cardio gets rid of water in the body in the form of sweat. Focus on a few cardio workouts when you are back and up the intensity. 3500 calories equals one pound of fat, so aim to burn around 500 calories per cardio session.

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