• Rachel Mason

The alcoholic drink that's taking over the LA fitness scene may surprise you...

If you’re tracking your macros and are particularly health conscious going out every weekend on a huge bender probably isn’t top of your list. I mean, how are you going to make it to the gym on Sunday morning if your head is banging, hands are shaking and you feel more than just a little queasy.

There are ways to go out, not get totally wasted and wake up reasonably fresh while still ensuring what you drank the night before fits in with your marcos. And we are sure you’ve tried them all, just a couple of glasses of prosecco, gin and tonic or sticking to vodka soda and fresh lime (all low calourie)

But there’s a new trend taking over the LA fitness scene that apparently means you can go out, drink and still feel healthy and it comes in a shot glass with wedge of lime. Enter… tequila.

The type of tequila you order is what is most important, some are 100% agave, and are actually good for you. You need to opt for the ones that are a little more expensive as they will most likely contain 100% agave rather than corn suyrup, which is what a cheaper tequila would contain. Go for a blanco or silver tequila, which will most likely be the ‘cleanest’.

Find the right tequila and skinking back a couple of shots on a weekend can give you the following health benefits:

Aid weight loss

Tequila contains a particular type of sugar called agavins (not to be confused with agave nectar) which have a less refined molecular structure and don’t raise the blood sigar levels. They generally pass through the body unused, as opposed to other alcohol sugars which are not quite as glycemic index friendly.

Its pro-biotic

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that you need in your intestines, they are responsible for our immune system.

Help with calcium absorption

Agarvins are said to help the body with calcium absorption, therefore helping those with fragile or brittle bones.

It's low in calories

It has around 60-80 calories per shot which is pretty low when you consider wine and beer and even a little less than vodka. You can also pair it with a wedge of fresh lime, meaning you aren’t adding extra calories with a mixer.

Gluten free

Those avoiding grains will be oleased to know teqila doesn’t contain a trace of wheat or barley as it’s a derived from the agave fruit.

No hangover

Don’t go drinking a whole bottle, of course, but if you stick to the higher shelf stuff, go for a clear tequila and one that is 100% agave you should wake up relatively hangover free.

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