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How to get back into a healthy lifestyle

It happens to the best of us. You go from ‘oh, just one takeaway’ or ‘a small chocolate bar won't hurt’ and suddenly you’ve swapped quinoa and kale for pretty much everything you had avoided when you were fully focussed on a healthy lifestyle (we wont list them, because we don’t want to tempt you, or ourselves!)

So you’ve lost track of your fitness and healthy eating lifestyle, and suddenly those jeans are feeling a little tight. But how do you bounce back on to the healthy eating and fitness bandwagon when you have fallen so far off it? All is not lost! We have rounded up our top tips to help you when you’ve lost your way a little…

And just remember, small slip ups don’t mean you’ve failed, they mean your human!

Get back into the habit

This is easier said than done, because once a habit is broken it can take around 2 months to make it a habit again. So, if you were up every morning for the gym before work, but haven't been a few weeks, expect it to take around 2 months to make this part of your routine again. Set yourself realistic expectations while trying to form this habit again, maybe start slowly and gradually increase. That way, if you do miss it once or twice you wont feel like a failure and give up entirely again.

Try a short workout

Any workout is better than none, and you want to find the love you had for it again. What was your favourite thing to do in the gym? Even if you know it isn't the most effective, start there. The endorphins will be pumping and your feel great and look forward to going back next time!

Invest in a new recipe book

Rediscover your passion for cooking yourself healthy meals by finding a fresh, exciting cookbook that will inspire you. If it will get you back into healthy eating, its a good investment!

Track your food

Download My Fitness Pal and HONESTLY enter a detailed account of what you have been eating. If you know you have been over doing it, the shock itself in seeing the calories and macros in black and white in front of you might be enough to motivate you to cut back. Keep your eye on the nutrients wheel on My Fitness Pal, to see where the calories you are eating are going.

Make a new playlist for the gym

Having new, fresh music that will encourage you to work out can be really motivating. Freshen up your playlists, ask friends for new tracks or google ‘workout music ideas’

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