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6 ways to get more energy…

Snoozing your alarm more than once, getting that 3pm slump and feeling like crashing on the sofa rather than going to the gym. Sound familiar? We all go through phases where we struggle with our energy levels, but there are some really simple things you can do to give yourself some much needed get up and go.

Try making these small, simple changes to your day and see how much more energy you have.

Smart snacking

Snacking on the right food throughout the day can help maintain your energy levels. It also stops you reaching for food that will cause your energy levels to crash (yes, chocolate and crisps!) For example, go for nuts, fruit or peanut butter rice cakes to keep your energy levels steady.

Drink water

Staying hydrated is key to good energy levels, as dehydration leads to tiredness. The more water you drink, the more awake and alert you will feel.


Although you may not think you have the energy to exercise, once you get yourself there you will have more energy. Even if all you can face is a brisk walk, or sitting on a stationary bike in the gym, studies have shown this will increase energy levels. And not only does it increase your energy there and then, it helps you right into the next day, as you will sleep much better that night, and feel less tired the next day. Bonus!

Chose iron rich food

Iron rich food includes dark leafy greens, nuts/seeds, red meat, fish and tofu. When you have eat a meal rich with iron drink it with a glass of fresh orange juice as this can help your body absorb more iron. Its really important to never drink tea with a meal as this stops your body absorbing iron, wait at least 30 minutes after you finish. Iron supplements can also help, but check with your doctor first.

Avoid caffeine

It might sound counterintuitive but actually reaching for that quick fix cup of coffee can have the opposite effect. Its recommended you stop drinking any caffine after lunch time, or it will still be in your system when you try and get to sleep. Laying awake at night, unable to sleep is sure to leave you exhausted the next day. Find some herbal teas you love, or go for decaf coffee after 2pm.

Get a sleep routine

You really need to be getting 7-8 hours sleep a night. Long office hours or a busy social life can sometimes disrupt this but make as much effort as you can to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each day.

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