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Why take ‘Me time'?

Metal health is all part of our overall physical health, but so many of us spend hours of our day rushing around to please others, go to meetings or complete chores that we forget to take a little bit of time to just focus on ourselves. This can lead to you feeling quite stressed, anxious and generally less happy in life.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be great parents, social friends and hard working employees but in order to stay on top of these things we need to make sure we are looking after ourselves too.

While socializing with friends, going to the gym or just getting an early night are good ways to relax, they might not be the best ways to take your ‘me time’. During these activities we often aren't totally switched off from the world. You may have your phone in bed with you to check social media, or your phone will be on you at the gym for your music. They are all an essential part of life, but what about that little something extra you do by yourself, just for you to completely disconnect?

What does spending some time alone do?

  • reboots our brain

  • helps us unwind

  • makes us more productive

  • allows us to problem solve by thinking deeply

  • improves our relationship with our partner

  • lets us discover new things about ourselves

It can feel like a bit of a commitment, especially when the reason you don’t take ‘me time’ is because you are busy. But if you are starting to feel too busy, quite stressed and unhappy its time to start thinking about something you’d like to do for yourself.

Try not to use the Tv or your phone as during your alone time, it’s distracting and you aren’t really focusing on yourself. Here are some ideas about how you can use your me time:

  • read a book

  • have a relaxing candle lit bath with music playing and the door closed

  • get a creative hobby, pick something on Pinterest and make it!

  • if there is a nice, quiet area to walk near you, go for a walk

  • get a beauty treatment done or visit a spa

  • get up 30 mins before anyone else, make a nice breakfast and eat alone

  • put a day in your calendar to take off for yourself and spend the whole day alone

While you do any of the above – turn off the tech! Phone to silent, no laptops and the TV off.

It might seem an impossible task, to even get 30 minutes a few times a week, but in making that effort you will really see the difference in your life!

Let us know how you like to spend your ‘me time’!

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