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Soba Noodles – the new healthy noodle

We love to search for new and healthy alternatives to traditional food and incorporate them into our meals for you. The latest to hit The Skinny Kitchen menu is the soba noodle, a thick noodle very similar to pasta, which is made entirely of buckwheat. They are a popular food in Japan as they are full of health benefits and can be eaten hot or cold, meaning they easily work in stir frys and salads.

So what are the health benefits of soba noodles?

Lower carbs and calories

A cup of sober noodles has half the calorie content of one cup of spaghetti. Sober noodles come in at around 110 calories while a cup of spaghetti is about 220. Its not just calories that are lower, sober noodles have almost half the amount of carbs per serving too. If you’re watching your weight, they make a great alternative.

Weight Loss

Made of 100% buckwheat flour (make sure you check the pack when you are buying them) sober noodles contain a compound called choline, a form a vitamin B. This compound is known to have a positive effect on your metabolism as well as helping you to not feel too full and bloated.

Nutrition from buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour comes with a ton of health benefits, and as long as you are getting sober noodles that are made from 100% buckwheat, you will reap the benefits. Buckwheat is are an excellent way to decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and can aid heart health.

Buckwheat is very rich in rutin, which is a nutrient that can help fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the major cause of cancer, strokes, aging and many other diseases.


Buckwheat contains more protein per serving than any other grain (apart from oats) making it an excellent way for veggies and vegans to up their intake in a meal. It’s not a complete protein, meaning it doesn’t contain all essential amino acids, so you still need to make sure you are getting protein from other sources into a meal. Make a stir fry and include other proteins, such as satay sauce, to help give the meal even more protein.

Magnesium content

Buckwheat is also high in magnesium, with one serving providing a quarter of your daily needs. Maganesium is an important mineral which helps your body produce energy and regulate bloody sugar levels.

We personally are loving the sober noodle, and cant wait for you to try it on our new menu!

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