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How do we calculate the macros on our menu?

Something that is really important to us at The Skinny Kitchen is making sure every macro on our menu is absolutely spot on. This is because so many of you track your macros and want to know exactly what you are eating. Even if you don’t, most of our customers love to see exactly what their meal contains, and we would hate to get this wrong.

That’s why we use one of the best companies possible to calculate our macros, called ALS Global. They are experts in this field and have been going for 20 years. You can read more about them here.

Every meal on our menu gets sent to them to be calculated. If a meal comes back with macros we aren’t happy with, and know our customers wont like, we change it up and make it better! It then gets tested again, until we are happy.

On our menu there are a range of carefully calculated meals so the macros suit various diets. We have lots of low calorie meals but also some higher calorie meals, as some of our customers are tracking macros to bulk up and looking for calorie dense (yet healthy!) meals. We also aim to have a vast selection of meals with a high protein content, whether its for veggies, vegans or meat eaters.

Although the calories are often the most looked at part of maco-nutrients, its actually really important to look at the meal as a whole. That is why we include calories, protein, fat and carbs as standard for every meal. Too many places just tell you the calories, but its what they calories are made up of that is most important! For example, you could have a bag of fruit pastels at 300 calories and a bowl of soup at 300 calories. What would make the most nutritionally dense lunch? The soup! (sorry guys!) So you need to take into account the protein, fat and carb content of your meal too. Start looking out on menus, you will see many just writing the calories, this is not a great way to give you information if you want to eat well!

Why track your macros? What are the benefits?

You are much more likely to stick to a diet

Seeing your macros is front of you in black and white makes it much easier to stick to a diet, whatever type of diet that is (weight loss, weight gain or even just being healthy) Macros can be a minefield, so writing them down makes it much easier to process the information and your more likely to continue doing so.

Makes eating out easier

If you watching what you eat going out is STRESSFUL. But if you are able to track what you eat and gain some knowledge of macros without worrying too much it will be much easier for you. You will be able to quickly look at a menu and have a good idea of the healthy, most nutritional meal on the menu.

Food education

Similar to the point above, you will learn so much about food. It can be a struggle to start with but you soon get to grips with the macros of various food items and it makes cooking and choosing food a much easier experience.

We recommend My Fitness Pal to help you track your macros, and of course coming to eat at The Skinny Kitchen!

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