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5 winter workouts which are great for calorie burning

5 winter workouts which are great for calorie burning

It's that time of year again where there is a lot of food related temptation surrounding us. It’s cold out, so its not uncommon to crave carb heavy comfort food as well. If treats and carbs are not something that is regularly part of your diet but you still want to give in, then just try some of these calorie burning winter sports! (then have a mince pie!)

Ice skating

It’s so easy to find ice skating rinks at Christmas time, and they are a great way to burn calories! For an hours skating you are burning about 500-700 calories per hour. Just go when its a little quieter so you don’t knock any small children over!

Splitting woof

Got a real wood fireplace that you buy logs for? Consider splitting them yourself and you can burn around 400-500 calories an hour. Plus how good will you feel that evening sat by your fire place - ‘man made fire’!


Yes its cold out, but that will only push you to walk faster! Even some of the most mundane sceneries can look extra special in winter, when there is a low sun and Christmas lights around. A great calorie burning excersise hitting around 400-600 calories an hour.


Whether you find some indoor slopes, or book a luxurious holiday away, skiing is a great winter workout, and there are so many variations! Downhill, snowboarding and cross country to name a few. Calories burnt depends on what you do, but no matter which one its an intense calorie burner and you will fully deserve that extra slice of yule log later.


If we get lucky this year and get a white Christmas, get your self a simple sledge and get out there! With all the back up and down the hill you are looking at burning around 400-600 calories an hour. Take your friends and its a fun day out and a workout rolled into one!

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