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Christmas gift ideas for the health conscious

Are you shopping this year for a health nut? Or perhaps a wanna be health nut? There's lots of great ideas out there, so we have got this list together to help you out. Whether its your secret santa gift at work, your partner or a parent, there is a gift idea for the health conscious person in your life!

Wireless headphones that are also ear warmers

Yep, these actually exist! And a great gift for someone who likes to go running, or do any outdoor sport.

Smoothie/protein shake maker

Okay so they may have a blender already, but you can get some really cool ones now that you make your smoothie in and its good to go! Really useful for busy people that hit the gym before work or someone who wants a healthy breakfast on the go.

Touch screen running gloves

Its cold, yet those runners still get out there, and well done to you! If you know someone who is one of them, grab them some really thick gloves with touch screen fingers.

Waterproof iPod

A great gift for someone who loves to swim, or does a lot of water sport. Or maybe you know someone who wants to get into an activity, swimming is great, and this should help encourage them!

New gym bag

Gym bags are always useful for those who use the gym alot. Go for a quirky brand you know they wont have, or a colour they might not buy themselves.

Box of protein bars

Bulk buy them protein bars, saving them time and money for at least 30 workouts! No need to go in search of the right one after a workout…great gift for a gym goer!

Slow cooker

This is great gift for someone that not only likes cooking, but likes cooking healthy meals. No frying or oil, just throw the ingredients in and let the slow cooker do the rest.

The Skinny Kitchen gift vouchers

Vouchers are always a great idea, so why not treat your fitness fanatic to a healthy meal at The Skinny Kitchen. Gift vouchers are available to buy here

Digital Scales

Gone are the days of needing to know your weight, thats not what the health and fitness conscious go by anymore! Most importantly these gym goers want to know their BMI, body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Vegetable spiraliser

Okay, so they have been out for a while but are still really useful gifts for someone that loves cooking healthy food. Even if they aren't the best cook, these gadgets are so easy to use that its still a great gift idea for a healthy person!

Protein Powder

This is a great one, as it is always useful for someone that uses the gym alot. You cant go wrong the PhD, it makes the best protein shakes! Go for a flavour they may not have tried before, like the salted caramel one….yum!

Matcha tea

Check out your local health food shop for matcha green tea powder, you can get some really nice ones that make lovely presents. Its not cheap stuff, so sure to be appreciated by someone into their superfoods!

Eat Dirt By Josh Axe

Controversial book that is sure to interest someone who likes a healthy lifestyle, it challenges the way we think about food as a westernised society.

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