• Rachel Mason

Healthy Eating Top Tips for January

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

At The Skinny Kitchen we believe in healthy food all year round, but if you struggle for motivation to eat well and exercise more January is a great time to start. You’ll find discounted offers on gym memberships, supermarkets push healthier options to the front and you are more likely to find a friend to partner up with.

If you are asking how to start eating better, then this guide is for you.

Here’s our top tips for those healthy eating new year resolutions for 2018:

1. Fill your fridge with healthy food.

By making sure you only have healthy ingredients, your much more likely to resist temptation, if its not in the house, chances are you won’t eat it.

2. Make cooking a hobby.

Cooking can be really fun and the more you learn about different food, the more you will want to experiment. Once a week, pick a healthy food you’ve never heard of and find a recipe that uses it.

3. Get a gym membership or trial

If you don’t already have a gym membership, now is the time. Search for the best offers in your town, as January is the time they want to get people signed up and may give discounted rates.

4. Partner up.

You are far more likely to find a friend to work with in January, as a lot of people jump on the healthy eating new year resolution. Partnering up with a colleague means you can join forces to resist the 3pm vending machine trip. Take it in turns to bring in a healthy snack that you can have when the sugar/junk food craving kicks in.

5. Look for alternative foods.

Spiralising has been huge and its hit the supermarkets in a big way throughout 2017. There are so many alternatives out there now, you no longer have to settle for high carb pasta when you can resist the temptation. Theres chickpea pasta, high protein pasta, edamame bean pasta.... you get the idea! The chilled aisle also regularly have pre-spiralised veg ready to go. Easy!

6. Resist temptation

Now this is easier said than done. At The Skinny Kitchen every meal on our menu is a meal you know and love, but with a clean healthy twist. So if you are really struggle come visit us for a meal! Our staff are on hand to help you pick the right meal for you.

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