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Meals at The Skinny Kitchen for around 500 calories

Meals at The Skinny Kitchen for around 500 calories

Our menu is filled with food for various diets, whether its gluten free, vegan or low calorie - we have pretty much anything covered. Being January something people generally look for after over indulging for the past month is low calorie, and we got your back! We posted a while back about how we calculate our macros, and you can read about that here. So you know you’re in safe hands. These are our favourite meals on the menu, for around just 500 calories. Dinner tonight anyone?

Smashed avocado

This one really does set you up for the day, but is also a great meal at any point of the day. Its full of omega 3 and 6 as well as having a decent protein content and a good balance of carbs, which slot of people prefer to eat in the morning, and burn off during the day.

Smashed avocado / 7.95

Smashed avocado on toasted sourdough with free range poached eggs

cals 598 protein 28g carbs 70g fat 27g


When thinking of healthy breakfasts, omelettes having been pretty much top of the list for most people, for years. We have given ours a little twist with some really tasty additions, meaning your eating a healthy breakfast that is also really nice! Theres no need to make healthy food boring.

Omelette / 6

Tomato, feta, green olive, basil, rocket, sourdough

cals 429 protein 30g carbs 28g fat 21g

Buckwheat noodles

If you haven't heard about soba noodles before, you can read our blog here to find out more about them . This meal is filling, full of veg and so healthy, making it perfect for those looking for a low calorie meal to kick start their January diet. We promise you will be attempting to re create this one at home!

buckwheat Noodles / 7.50

Buckwheat soba noodles, broccoli, mushroom, soy, chilli, ginger, lime, spring onion, sesame seeds

cals 575 protein 27g carbs 49g fat 27g

Add: tofu 1.50 satay skewers 2

Clean and jerk

We aren't sure we can even remember as far back to a time when this wasn't one of the most popular dishes on our menu! And there is a good reason for it too. Its high in protein, low in calorie and has the perfect balance of carbs. Its spicy enough to give your metabolism a kickstart too, something lots of people do when they are looking to lose a few pounds is chuck some chilli in their meal!

Clean and jerk / 11.95

Spicy rice, grilled chicken, jerk sauce, corn, chilli, coriander

Vegan? Swap the chicken for a soy protein patty

cals 516 protein 43g carbs 55g fat 11.3g

Coconut cod curry

If you are struggling to fight the fast food cravings, stop yourself! There is no need for all that cream and sugar in your curry. Come see us, and give this one a go! We feel really confident you will leave feeling satisfied you just ate a quarter of the calories you could have if you'd gone for a traditional curry.

Coconut cod curry / 11.95

Coconut cod curry, kale, sweet potato, spinach, peas, quinoa, spring onion, coriander, lime

cals 504 protein 28.7g carbs 44g fat 21.9g

Pumpin iron

Another one of our most popular dishes, especially for those wanting something really lean. A whole chicken breast with sweet potato mash and veg makes a really healthy meal, but we make it not only healthy, but taste REALLY good too.

Pumpin Iron / 9.95

Chicken breast, sweet potato mash, broccoli, roasted vine tomatoes, pesto

cals 585 protein 58g carbs 53g fat 13g

Buddha bowl

A fairly new addition to The Skinny Kitchen menu, and you guys are loving it! Wethink its going to be even more popular in January, due to its lean macros. If you want something healthy and filling with lots of nutrients, look no further.

Buddha bowl / 10.95

Steak or tofu, spicy rice, fried egg, broccoli, carrot ribbons, pickled cabbage, garlic mushroom, soy and lime dressing

Beef: cals 483 protein 31g carbs 28g fat 26g

Vegan? Swap the egg for extra mushroom

Protein pancakes

We wont write about ALL our protein pancakes but we will point out that all 4 of our options, made with PhD diet whey, are around 500 calories. These are certainly not a pancake to feel guilty about eating. They are great for breakfast or lunch and really great if you are finding it hard to resist sweet stuff on your January health kick! If you doing veganuary, you’ll be pleased to know we have vegan pancakes on the menu now too - so you dont need to miss out!

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