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Hello... is it tea you’re looking for?

We are proud to stock 'We are tea' at all our Skinny Kitchen locations. You might be wondering what's so special about this brand, well they gave us a little insight! If your sold then pop in and enjoy one of the many flavours we stock... because on a cold January day a nice cup of tea is exactly what you need. With there being so many different types of Chai such as Cannabis infused CBD tea, we thought we would talk about this entrant.

Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for?

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We Are Tea began in 2006, in Budapest, in a teashop, when founders Spence and Suze were on holiday. Albeit not the most relaxing one as Suze came down with a bout of pneumonia, but they stumbled upon a tea room & found respite in a cup of Moroccan mint tea. They thought “hang on someone’s missed a trick here, why don’t we have tea shops like this back in the UK?!” We are a nation of tea monsters, consuming over 165 million cuppas every year and growing. We have on offer every kind of coffee you could want, but when it comes to tea most people have never strayed far from the classic builders brew.

Back home and a year later, our tea shop opened its doors, becoming a regular pit stop for the office workers of St Pauls and offering white tea to oolong tea and everything in between.

The café did well, everyone loved the tea, we won numerous awards, then disaster struck. Just as we were looking to open up a second tea shop Occupy London hit!

Due to theft and vandalism the teashop sadly closed.

All was not lost! From customer requests to enjoy great tea at home we launched our retail business and secured the first of many national listings, as well as in all the Skinny Kitchen sites you will find us in cafes, restaurants, delis, hotels, gyms & spas. Yay!

We like to push the boundaries of the classic cuppa, beyond sipping it we focus on design, innovation and collaborations to bring our award-winning range of whole-leaf teas to a new audience; from devising tea-based g&tea cocktails for the menus of London’s leading bars to creating tea infused bakes with the UK’s top food bloggers (check out our recipes https://www.wearetea.com/pages/blog)

Ethics are very much at the core of our business - as members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, we work with smaller tea estates focusing on social and environmental sustainability. Beyond this, we’re one of the few tea brands with fully biodegradable tea bags and compostable takeaway cups.

2018 is due to be a big one as we launch new flavours, commit to removing plastic from our packaging & grow our small but mighty team of 6. Watch this space…

Want to find more? Visit www.wearetea.com

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