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What is The Skinny Kitchen all about?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

At The Skinny Kitchen we love a good meal. And by ‘a good meal’ we mean one full of nutrients, good carbs and tons of protein, that fills us up and tastes amazing at the same time. When eating healthy it can be hard to get this balance right, and healthy food is often labelled 'bland' or 'rabbit food'. Think boiled chicken and rice or lots of salad leaves…. this is a stereotype we are fighting!

From the best bottomless brunch in London to so much more..

So what exactly does ‘The Skinny Kitchen’ mean? Take the infamous skinny latte, for example. They become a thing back in the 90’s when people started to become aware that a regular latte has quite a bit of sugar, fat and carbs in. A skinny latte satisfied the needs of a market who still wanted a latte, but with less of the bad stuff. The same concept applies to us, we are aware that a lot of people don’t want regular pancakes or burgers these days. They want these meals still, but with less carbs, fat and calories. So we lowered each of these macros on our meals, making them waistline friendly and there we have skinny pancakes, or skinny burgers!

You might actually be surprised to know that burgers are our biggest seller. But what’s skinny about a burger, you ask? Well we swap the bun for wholemeal, grill the meat and sack off the calorific sauces. Team it with some sweet potato fries instead of regular fries and it’s a skinny version of a meal that is traditionally quite high in calories and fat.

We opened in 2014 because we have found that people with various diets struggle to eat out and that’s where we come in. If you want to start your own food business and fancied reading our how-to guide, then you may like our how to start a food van business article.

We aim to satisfy the needs of people with various health and fitness goals whether that be losing weight or gaining muscle or avoiding any animal products. In 2019 we launched our bottomless brunch party even in London at our Islington site and think you need to check that out now:

- The F**king Fabulous Bottomless Brunch London

So what sort of food can you expect to find at The Skinny Kitchen?

Lean, low carb/calorie meals

We cater for people that want to eat out, but also want to watch what they eat. The Skinny Kitchen is the perfect place if you are watching your calorie or carb intake. We have so many low calorie and low carb options, in fact many of our meals are under 500 calories. We wrote a blog on those meals here.

‘Clean and jerk’ is high in protein, low in calorie and has the perfect balance of carbs. Its spicy enough to give your metabolism a kick start too, something lots of people do when they are looking to lose a few pounds is chuck some chilli in their meal!

Clean and jerk / 11.95

Spicy rice, grilled chicken, jerk sauce, corn, chilli, coriander

Vegan? Swap the chicken for a soy protein patty

cals 516 protein 43g carbs 55g fat 11.3g

Meals for meat lovers

As we mentioned above, burgers are really popular and we have two options. The chicken satay and a beef burger which comes with halloumi. That’s not where it ends though. The ‘pumpin iron’ is a popular meal for meat lovers, as is the quesadilla with chicken.

Pumpin Iron / 9.95

Chicken breast, sweet potato mash, broccoli, roasted vine tomatoes, pesto

cals 585 protein 58g carbs 53g fat 13g

stacked burger / 11.95

Beef or soy protein burger, halloumi, baby gem, tomato, onion, tomato relish, jalapeño and avocado sauce, bun, sweet potato fries

Beef: cals 863 protein 42g carbs 99g fat 36g

Chicken satay burger / 10.95

Chicken, satay sauce, sriracha, pickled veg, baby gem, bun, sweet potato fries

cals 1286 protein 52g carbs 125g fat 69g

All our meat is free range and we pick the best sources possible to buy from.

Vegan and veggie options

Most of the meals on our menu come with a vegan or veggie alternative, which customers are taking up more often as the vegan movement shows no sign of slowing down.

Some of our favourite vegan meals include the buckwheat noodles and the vegan version of the buddah bowl.

Buddha bowl / tofu 10.95 steak 12.95

Steak or tofu, spicy rice, fried egg, broccoli, carrot ribbons, pickled cabbage, garlic mushroom, soy and lime dressing

Beef: cals 483 protein 31g carbs 28g fat 26g

Vegan? Swap the egg for extra mushroom

buckwheat Noodles / 7.50

Buckwheat soba noodles, broccoli, mushroom, soy, chilli, ginger, lime, spring onion, sesame seeds

cals 575 protein 27g carbs 49g fat 27g

Add: tofu 1.50 satay skewers 2

If you have a group of friends with various diets and struggle to eat out, The Skinny Kitchen could be the answer!


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